Money! Money! Money!

So Talal claims that today he is meeting the investors and their advisors to convince them to continue shooting episode 12 in Jordan and to give us more money to do it. The problem is they might very well say, “You’ve already had enough money to shoot the first episode. What have you done with it?”

Bob joked that Talal was taking a big risk going to Qatar. He might get arrested at the airport then the Qatari’s might investigate ATP under Jordanian law and that might be it for Talal. The scary thing is, Bob could be right.

Simon said this morning that he is going to Qatar tomorrow to also meet the investors and advisors to also pitch shooting episode 12 in Jordan still. He understands that he also needs to assure the Qatari’s that we can begin work in Qatar. I told him there is plenty to do there. There is, but everyone keeps going on about how we should have started building the oasis set in Qatar back in April when Chris tried to convince ATP this should be done. Chris was right. But for everyone to be going on about what should have been done is not progressing what should be done now. I’d like to get out there now and take a look at the stages and figure out how we can make them hospitable so we can start building the cave sets. Let’s be clear; I don’t believe for one second we can shoot season 1 in Qatar. That would be absurd as there just isn’t enough money (especially with the way ATG is spending it all). But we can shoot the pilot. Maybe even the first five or six episodes.

Today I am going to re-read episodes 1 and 2 and start reading episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to see what can start prepping in Qatar now.

Meantime, we are waiting for news from Talal and construction has been put on hold. No payments are being made. Except, curiously, for Dominic Smithers’s dummies. That is happening today. So it seems that while we are not buying materials for sets on the assumption we shall move to Qatar, we are buying props and dressing (however few).

Meantime, people are saying that Ahmed has burnt his bridges and ruined his reputation. I think this is a bit unfair. Just because he is young and naive, and doesn’t know *how* to lose his temper, doesn’t mean he deserves to be ‘kicked out’ (some people are acting as if he should be). He has kept his temper under control for months when he had every right to lose it. So who can blame him for losing it now in such spectacular fashion and for such a good reason? But instead he has suddenly become the bad guy.

I don’t know him. I’ve only met him a couple of times. But he seemed reasonable enough to me. He needs time to calm down, a reason to calm down, and a means to save face.

By end of today, or end of tomorrow, we may know more.

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