Still Nothing Happening?

Both Ray and Dominic Smithers were very unhappy yesterday.

Ray still has no props or dressing and Ibrahim still has not given the go-ahead for Ray’s man in Romania to make the weapons. And Dr Hattab (he runs a company that makes fibreglass products and we wanted him to make our shields, etc.) is not answering our emails because he is clearly fed up with ATG messing him about which means he may now refuse to make shields and stonework for us.

Dominic was furious because the woman in the UK who is supposed to be supplying us with fake corpses has not been paid despite Ibrahim promising absolutely that she would be paid last week.

And despite the fact our deal memo states we must be paid within seven days of a working week ending, we were again paid two weeks late (we got a transfer slip emailed to us last thing Thursday to show that the wages that should have entered our accounts Tuesday/Wednesday had not been paid in till Thursday so won’t be in our accounts now till next Monday). But at least we did not have to threaten them this time to be paid.

I, on the other hand, had correspondence with Ibrahim in which he suggested we meet Saturday at 2pm to start speeding up the process of getting things done and that we meet every day thereafter to maintain this. I said that was a great idea and we agreed 6pm each day starting Sunday. Currently, he is behind on getting payments made to the timber and steel companies Fozan has organised and he has not even begun to approve construction crew which we need to start on Monday.

Honestly, I just think I’ll get more bullshit. But since I’m working closely with Fozan (and they know Fozan gets things done cheaply) it’s remotely possible they’ll cooperate with me.

Even then, the UK Art Dept and Jordanian producers may not be able to work together. But if I can find a way to make the construction work, that’s good for everyone (unless ATG just uses it as a way to squeeze the construction budget to almost nil).

There’s a reason ATG’s efforts to “divide and conquer” the Art Dept have not worked so far.

  1. Their methods – as are their goals – are too transparently obvious.
  2. We’re not ATG and we don’t assume everyone can be bought and be manipulated to stab everyone else in the back – which based upon their behaviour so far, ATG seems to believe.

I don’t hate ATG. They’ve lost their contracts with NBC and Dubai, they refuse to understand that the industry is changing, that everyone wants to watch shows with “Game Of Thrones” production values now, and that screwing the budget isn’t always the easiest way to get richer. They’re the ones who will have to live with the error of their ways.

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