Go Fuck Yourself!

Bob had a meeting with Ibrahim a few days ago which did not go well. Bob has not been paid for three weeks. He confronted Ibrahim about this who had no excuse.

As Bob lost his temper, Ibrahim threatened to fire him. Bob told him to go right ahead adding that he might like to call Simon (the director) and tell him what had happened because at that point Simon would quit and Issam would leave too.

Bob then told Ibrahim to “go fuck himself”, at which point there was a hesitant cheer from the adjoining office where Ibrahim’s staff reside!

It is of course terrible that such things should happen. But if dissent does exist within the ‘hallowed halls’ of ATG, Ibrahim and ATG have brought this upon themselves.

In the past, ATG has attempted to divide and conquer the Art Department. Recognisable tactics include paying some staff on time and others late in order to create tension within the Art Department. Unfortunately for ATG, their tactics are transparent and rather immature. The result is that the Art Department has become more united, and often laughs at their silly little games.

I have heard from some of the less loyal ATG staff that this has caused tremendous frustration at ATG. They cannot understand why it is that they cannot ‘break’ us. What we cannot understand is why ATG would even want to. There is something ‘mentally ill’ about this company.

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