Late Wages. Again…

Ray and Dominic Smithers both got paid yesterday. This is the very first time this has happened on this job on time and without us having to make complaints.

However, everyone in the Art Department wasn’t happy yesterday because 95% of the orders we have placed over the last three months for props, dressing, materials and equipment have not been ordered or, on that rare occasion they have been ordered, delivered.

It really does look like ATP has no intention of delivering the show they promised to the Qatari investors and Ahmed. The only reason it seems Ray and Dominic Smithers were paid on time is because Talal had gone to Qatar the previous week to demand more money off the Qatari investors for the show ATP doesn’t appear to be spending the investors’ money on.

Which begs the question – given they are not spending the money on the show, why can’t they pay our wages on time?

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