Fozan, The Disappearing Man

Apparently, Fozan and I were supposed to meet today at 9:30am so I could go with him to meet a carpenter. I would have wanted to go, but I wasn’t told about it. I doubt Fozan wanted to go either, which I suspect is why instead of calling me to see why I was not at the office to go there, he called Sari instead.

I’ve noticed Fozan do things like this before. He turns up and quickly vanishes saying, “You looked busy” or “I could not find you” or “The door was locked”, rather than do the obvious and say, “Are you busy?” or “Does anyone know where Dominic is?” or call me instead of Sari (which given my hotel is a two minute walk away from the office would obviously have a pretty immediate result). Why Fozan does this, I have still to ascertain.

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