Driving Like Crazy

I’m a good driver. Not in a “laddish” sort of way but in a “I see possible problems long before anyone else” sort of way.

So when the Art Dept driver quit and in his place a new guy took us on a recce yesterday, I was the only person who seemed to notice that he did more than twenty dangerous overtaking manoeuvres (approaching the crest of hills – that sort of thing), had to do two emergency brakes, and pulled out in front of a bus nearly killing our oblivious Prop Master.

When I told our Location Manager (LM) – who somehow seems to do everything – that I would never get in a vehicle with this guy again, our LM thought I was joking. I told him three times.

Today another recce was organised. Same driver. I refused to go. The LM seemed irritated. Apparently my commitment to ATP is supposed to include putting my life on the line for them…

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