Busy Doing Nothing…

Today a recce got cancelled because we didn’t have a scaffolder and plasterer to go with us. To be fair, it’s another company that’s saying it can’t send the plasterer. But if ATG gave me a car and consent to pay them to do it I could organise it. But they don’t give me these things and I’m powerless to get anything done.

Bob is 100% convinced we will never shoot anything. I’m starting to believe he is right.

Meantime Talal and Ibrahim fly to Doha in the next few days because they claim the financiers are taking too long to pay up. I wonder why?

And Anwar is going to London to shoot scenes for a different project despite the fact he is supposed to be working on Medinah.

Meantime, I have not seen Fozan all weekend. What has he been up to?

I should also add that a local person I found who is really good and whom I wanted to hire – Nasser – knows the people I need to build the sets but he won’t tell me who they are because ATP is too cheap to pay him a proper wage. Ironically, I don’t blame him. Within a few weeks of arriving in Jordan, I had already found out that ATG is universally despised as a company that pays badly, demands more than it deserves, and treats locals like dirt.

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