Audio Recording (of “Meeting Given Go-Ahead. But No Go-Ahead For The $7,000 Set!”)

In case you wanted to hear it yourself, here’s the audio recording of meeting in which Talal dismissed Simon – the director – by calling him a “used car salesman”, accuses the international crew of constantly interrupting him (while constantly interrupting them), storms out the room in a huff, and expresses significant concerns about Ahmed.

In Talal’s defence, I will say that I agree with him that “Medinah” should have stayed in Jordan. Costs are 1/6th that of the UK and Qatar. But that doesn’t mean it would have ever been completed in Jordan. The funds were being bled dry without any visible reason why (even if it is obvious why). The fact is, they were (are) just being bled dry quicker in Qatar.

“Medinah” needed to stay in Jordan. But it also needed a Production company that knew what it was doing and didn’t have other agendas. *I* could have produced “Medinah” n Jordan. I could have delivered the show Ahmed and the investors wanted for the money ATP had been given. It would have been hard work. It would have required meticulous planning. But it would have been done. And I say that after having spent enough time there to rule out cultural differences as potential hurdles.

So why couldn’t ATP?


2 thoughts on “Audio Recording (of “Meeting Given Go-Ahead. But No Go-Ahead For The $7,000 Set!”)

  1. Around 20 minutes into the recording, Talal can be heard taking a call in Arabic. He is talking to a finance company of some kind about buying new cars for his sisters. It was very soon after that that he turned up at work in his brand new $100,000-plus Range Rover (which gets a mention again soon because of its very dubious number plate…”.

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