Talal And Taybet Zaman

Today there was a storyboard meeting regarding “episode 12” between Simon Hunter (the director), Chris Richmond (the designer), Ahmed Al Baker (the series creator), Issam Husseini and Talal Al Awamleh. There may have been others there but it doesn’t really matter.

 It did not go well.
This is supposed to be a $50 million series and yet one suggestion by Talal – he is the CEO of Arab Telemedia Group – was for us to shoot a key sequence from episode 12 on location (rather than build a set on the backlot). Now the idea is that this sequence – set several thousand years ago – features a set of large fortress gates that are foreboding, ancient, and seemingly impenetrable (imagine something from “Game Of Thrones”). This location is meant to be one of the centre-pieces of the episode and it calls for something that looks special.
So, here’s the location that Talal proposed – complete with gates – an abandoned hotel called Taybet Zaman built just a few decades ago – and it looks like it.
Now if you’re struggling to see the gates, let me just help you…
Not quite “large fortress gates that are foreboding, ancient, and seemingly impenetrable”, are they? And yet somehow ATG thinks this is a good idea?

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