Set Construction Meeting With Fozan & Ibrahim

This afternoon I had a meeting with Fozan and Ibrahim to discuss construction. Ibrahim told me that Fozan was to be the show’s Construction Manager. I queried this on the grounds that it was my understanding he was “Malik’s” CM. Ibrahim told me he is now 100% dedicated to “Medinah”.
I could see that Ibrahim was lying. But I played ball, deciding to bring it up again when I had evidence.
I agreed that we should pick up where we left off by having a test set built so we could assess local skills. I also recorded the meeting in case I missed anything. Eventually, I shall include it on this blog. But the best way to know what happened is to read the following email that I sent out afterwards.
I was perplexed to see that while Ibrahim left the meeting after it ended with his copy of the specs for the “test set”, Fozan – who would be responsible for organising the building of the set – left his behind. How was he going to arrange the build with nothing to show to his construction people?

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